Quebrada Supports Kidney Awareness

In support of director/producer, Rick Rosenthal, (Whitewater Films),  fighting and winning his own personal battle with advanced kidney disease, Quebrada attended a first of it’s kind inspirational event at UCLA, hosted by the UCLA CORE Kidney program.


The focus was put on the highly skilled team of exceptional and compassionate doctors making all the difference to countless of kidney patients who often are not aware they have the disease till the symptoms have become severe.


The US has the highest rate of new cases of kidney failure in the world, and over a third of these cases have never been evaluated before this life changing event. Early intervention can make all the difference and organ donation in this field is especially unique since it can be made during someone’s lifetime.


The healing element of music was a big part of the evening featuring renowned pianist, Safha Shahidi, who is a member of the Green Ribbon Campaign (GRC), which aims to increase kidney disease awareness.


“Doctors confirm what I’ve always known – that music and the arts are a major part of healing whatever the medical or psychological challenge,” commented Nancy Stephen’s Rick Rosenthal’s wife and foremost advocate.




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